metal disc


With conventional machinery, our capabilities include almost anything to do with steel or plastic and for all ranges of quantities. Whether it be for one custom steel plate for an antique automobile or for a hundred plastic discs for part of a larger assembly, our capabilities are a wide range to meet our customer needs.

kitchen knives


All cutting tools have a cutting edge that wear out with usage, bring those tools to us to restore that cutting edge back to new! A fresh edge always makes cutting, trimming, pruning easier.

Custom knives

Custom knives for commercial applications can be sharpened. We have 4 tool and cutter grinders specifically for this and with our Machine Shop adjacent, any custom tooling needed to hold, thus sharpen your custom knives can be easily fabricated on site.

welder at work


Our welding equipment permits to weld all materials for most scenarios. Repairs and/or new parts our welders will take the time to do the job right.